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Almost every aspect of a woman's life necessitates the presence of a shoulder bag. A busy day at the market, a quiet weekend retreat to the park, an important meeting at the office, you name it, and a shoulder bag are required. Women's multifunctional shoulder bags with various shapes, colors, and utility remain at the top of every other list of women's bags. A small shoulder bag for women is also a popular choice due to its ease of use and compact size. Pelle luxur has put a lot of thought into and created beautifully structured shoulder bags in unique shapes to ensure that you stand out!


Allow us to take you on a tour of what we have in store for you:

Office and coffee dates: If you want to look classy and elegant, shoulder bags in India is the way to go. It fits right in at the office or on a quiet day at the local coffee shop. 

Beach time: Are you looking for something to go with your bright swimsuit or long beachwear? Look no further because pelle luxur has the perfect shoulder bag for you! The leather bags for women in India has the most recent adjustable shoulder straps and is small, compact, but spacious. It will look great with your dress and that straw hat you've wanted to show off for a long time.

The shoulder bag is ideal for a date or a movie night if you like cool dark colors. This shoulder bag has extra compartments, zipped pockets, and side inner pouches to hold your power bank and make-up essentials, making it ideal for the workplace or a date night in a traditional saree.

Wedding season: If you prefer to be a little more colorful and want something to accompany you during a Haldi ceremony or a friend's reception, pelle luxur is the answer. It's water-resistant and even has a back pocket for your smartphones and other essentials.


While cheap shoulder bags claim to be cost-effective, they do not last long and are not designed for heavy-duty daily utility bags; as a result, you end up spending more to replace your previous cheap shoulder bag. Branded shoulder bags at the top of the market, while providing high-quality shoulder bags, are frequently overpriced and out of our price range. Pelle Luxur has created high-quality Structured Shoulder Bags at affordable prices that are spacious and durable, with a structured leather finish and adjustable vegan leather straps.

Pelle luxur shoulder bags feature beautiful and colorful and have a distinctive boat-shaped bag-like appearance. Large enough to hold a small wallet, keychains, smartphones, and even that gorgeous red matte lipstick you adore! It also has a hidden zipped pocket for your valuables. There's no need to spend hours on the internet deciding whether you want a long-strap shoulder bag or a small black shoulder bag. Pelle luxur always includes vegan leather straps that you can adjust to fit your needs and show off your outfit...and your bag!